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Posted: October 16, 2012 in Novel

SHEHER-E-ZAAT, by Umaira Ahmad, is very beautiful, food for thought and intellectual Urdu navel. The novel opens many ways and doors for thinking. It is a bit about Sufism. I think, the novel should not be taken as a story or novel. Rather it should be taken as an article or something about our society or Islam. I believe it is one of the best works of Umaira Ahmad.

Falak Sher Afgan is very beautiful girl daughter of an industrialist Sher Afgan Khan. She falls in love with Salman Ansar and he also later starts loving her and proposes her. Consequently soon they marry each other and start living a happiest life.

Three years later Salman falls in love with an ugly girl Tabinda to extreme limits of love. He informs Falak and marries Tabinda. Falak goes to her parents’ home and falls sick.
Now her love with Salman (Ishq Majazi) turns into Ishq Haqeeqi (Love with Allah) and she starts to get love of Allah. She changes her lifestyle and seeks Allah.

The novel discusses some very sensitive and social issues of our elite class society. It discusses some very cruel and inhuman behaviors of people belonging upper class of our society.

I hope you will like it and consider it as a food for thought. Hopefully you will let me know your comments about the novel & dont forget to follow.


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